pickled red onions in jar

Easy Pickled Red Onions Recipe

Learn to make the easiest pickled red onions that are ready in 30 minutes! There are not many ways to add some zing to your dishes as easy as Pickled red onions. This easy pickled red onions recipe will add that something extra to so many dishes from Mexican dishes to BBQ and even hamburgers …

Stuffed Pork Loin

Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe

Have your ever walked through the meat section of your local grocery store, saw whole pork loin on sale, and wondered what to do with it? Well, then this Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe is going to be your new best friend. Quite often, whole pork loins will go on sale for $1-$2 per pound. This …

Chili seasoning mix

Competition Smoked Chili Recipe

Competition Smoked Chili Recipe Overview If you are looking for an award winning smoked Chili Recipe that will win you a blue ribbon at an ICS or WCCC event, where pretentious judges only accept chili made with meat, tomato sauce and grease, well quite frankly, this is not the competition smoked chili recipe you are …

Pork Butt Injection

Competition Pork Butt Injection

This is my go-to Boston Competition Pork Butt Injection recipe. It is not necessary to inject a your Boston Butt to get great BBQ. But doing so will noticeable improve the flavor of your final product. When injecting your pork butt a good quality meat injector is a must have. I recommend this injector:

Blackening Seasoning

Classic Blackening Seasoning Recipe

While blackening is usually associated with different types of fish dishes, there are quite a few different proteins that lend themselves well to this traditional Cajun style of cooking. Blackening is a cooking technique where a piece of fish, or other proteins, are dipped in butter and then coated with a dry rub seasoning usually …