Classic Blackening Seasoning Recipe

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While blackening is usually associated with different types of fish dishes, there are quite a few different proteins that lend themselves well to this traditional Cajun style of cooking. Blackening is a cooking technique where a piece of fish, or other proteins, are dipped in butter and then coated with a dry rub seasoning usually consisting of thyme, oregano, chili pepper, garlic powder, salt, pepper and often other Cajon spice. The meat is then cooked at high heat until a dark brown, or sometimes black, crust appears. This is a Classic Blackening Seasoning Recipe that can be built upon to create the perfect flavors.

Classic Blackening Seasoning Recipe Overview

Here I am going to share with you an easy to make, classic blackening seasoning. This Classic Blackening Seasoning is as good on chicken, as it is on fish or pork.

Blackened Chicken

When using this Classic Blackening Seasoning Recipe there are a few techniques and pointers to keep in mind. While traditionally the protein being prepared is coated in butter, this is not absolutely necessary. I have had success coating fish in olive oil as well as not using a binder at all and adding the blackening seasoning directly to the fish. Using butter, though, will yield additional flavors as the milk solids become scorched during cooking.

Another important technique to keep in mind is the temperature of your pan. A cast iron or stainless pan works great and I usually head my pan to a high/medium high. The test I like to use is to drip about a teaspoon of water into my pan. Then watch what the water droplets do. When the water droplets bounce and dance across the pan, it is usually ready to go.

Blackened Fish

Right before placing the meat in the pan, I like to add a little vegetable or olive oil. What you are cooking will dictate how and how long you cook it, but that is a little beyond the scope of this post.

Listed below is my favorite blackening seasoning. It is great on ahi tuna, as well as chicken breast.

Blackening Seasoning pinit
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Classic Blackening Seasoning Recipe

Prep Time 5 min Total Time 5 mins Servings: 1



    1. Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. 
    2. Store in a mason jar or an air-tight container

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